New Orleans Saints fans are wearing construction helmets to celebrate new stadium

New Orleans Saints fans are wearing construction helmets to celebrate new stadium

FourFourThree New Orleans’ new home stadium will be called the New Orleans Superdome and will be the biggest venue in the country, with seating capacity for more than 100,000.

A lot of people are wearing helmets and construction helmets as they gather on the new stadium site in New Orleans.

This is the new New Orleans stadium for the Saints.

They are not allowed to wear construction helmets and this will be their home field for the first time in NFL history.

It will be an exciting time for football fans, because they will get to play football at their home stadium, they will have the best seats in the house, they have the biggest crowd in the stadium and they will finally have the stadium that they all know and love.

We have seen stadiums such as the New York Giants stadium and the Seattle Seahawks stadium, both stadiums that they are building to the highest level possible.

The Superdomos stadium will have two sections, a stadium level section and a general admission section.

The stadium level will have more seating capacity than any other stadium in the league.

The Superdomes average seating capacity is 105,000 per game.

This is the section that the Saints are building for their new stadium.

This section will seat 105,100 people.

The general admission area will seat 104,000 people, and this is the most comfortable section of the stadium.

The seats on this section will be better than those in the other sections of the new Superdoms stadium.

There will be some really high ceilings.

The ceilings will be much higher than they were in the Giants stadium.

We have seen some stadiums that have been built to the very highest level, and it is going to be a very exciting experience for New Orleans football fans.

I think that they will be a huge draw for the city of New Orleans because they have all the excitement of being in the Superdomas stadium.

This section of seats will have better seats than the other two sections of seating.

This area is going be the most enjoyable section of stadium for fans to experience.

We will be having great seats for Saints fans because they are going to get to go to the stadium to watch their team play and to watch the Super Bowl.

The stadium will also have a lot of entertainment.

I don’t think you can go to a football game without seeing a bunch of Saints fans there.

I’m not kidding.

I can’t think of a better place to be in New York City than to be able to see all of the Saints fans in a stadium with all the Saints cheerleaders and the Superstars.

There are going be tons of people watching the Saints football team and the New England Patriots football team play in New Jersey, and there will be plenty of people who are fans of the New Hampshire Patriots football game, too.

The New Orleans fan base will be huge.

This will be another really great experience for the fans, and I think it is something that is going the right way for the league to continue to grow.

The Saints have made this move with New Orleans, and we are excited for what the fans are going through.

There is going a lot that they can do to improve their stadium, and now they are finally getting their new home and the new building.

We can’t wait to see what the Saints have in store for us in New England.


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